Home Remodel in Olympia

We just completed a major home remodel.  This included moving the kitchen to the south side of the house, converting the existing kitchen to a girl’s bedroom, building two additions for an indoor pool and home gym, and remodeling the main bathroom.

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Design – Previsualizing the future


Designing is one of the most important steps to take for any remodel project. Having 3d design of your project not only allows you to see the future but also helps to anticipate problems. As with any project, having a clear plan makes for a smooth project, and having your project drawn in 3d makes for a clear plan. As you can see in the pictures on this post, the drawings give you the ability to see the new bathroom from any angle as well as allowing for more accurate space planning. You also have the ability to see materials and colors as they would be in the new space. The advantages to having a 3d design drawn of your remodel as opposed to traditional elevations and cross sections, gives everyone a clearer picture of what your getting and makes communicating it much easier. 3d design drawings are a must for any remodel or any project.

Project Complete – Kitchen and Living Room Remodel adds warmth and value to Des Moines home

Here are a couple photos from the completed remodel project we did in Des Moines. This project involved replacing the walls, ceiling, floors, countertops and base trim. We also redesigned the fire place area to make it the vocal point in the living space. The rock around the fireplace is a multi-colored slate with a stained hemlock wood trim wrap. The countertops are granite with a single slab cut and placed on the old table to match the rest of the kitchen countertops. All the walls and ceilings were removed and redone with new drywall and texture. The floors are a hickory laminate floating floor. There are also new light fixtures by the fireplace and in the kitchen. The changes on this house make it a warm, inviting and comfortable place to live. I know the new owner is very happy with these upgrades.

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Bathroom Remodel – Tile Installation for the floor, tub surround and countertop.

Today we started a new project for a new customer. This project is a little unique in that we are finishing a remodel the home owner was hoping to do themselves and have finished a year ago. First we are finishing the wall, and ceiling drywall and applying a hand texture to match the rest of the house. Then we are installing a vanity, tiling the floor, around the tub, and the countertop. Posted here are a couple of before pictures, so you can get an idea of where we are starting from. One of the ways we can take care of customers is with our flexibility, we are willing to come in and complete projects that you have started but aren’t able to complete.

A new project gets underway

Today I started my newest project. We are doing some remodel work on a home one of my longtime customers just purchased. Heres a quick rundown of what we are doing. Refinishing the drywall, new paint, new floors, new countertops, and a little stone work around the fire place stove. We started by pulling down the old ceiling, removing the countertops, and pulling up the floor. The plan is to get the sheet rockers in there on Wednesday and be ready to paint by the middle of next week. Here’s a couple photos.