Home Remodel in Olympia

We just completed a major home remodel.  This included moving the kitchen to the south side of the house, converting the existing kitchen to a girl’s bedroom, building two additions for an indoor pool and home gym, and remodeling the main bathroom.

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Design – it’s necessary for any project

Design is important for any size project. Time spent planning and reviewing a project can be invaluable in the end result. With the Internet, capturing ideas and gathering information has never been easier. Whenever starting a project whether a small shed, kitchen remodel, or deck researching product, gathering ideas, looking at color combinations, and reading other peoples experiences will contribute to a smoother, better project. Using google sketch up for simple 3d design is a simple yet effective way to see your project before starting and avoid many potential pitfalls.




Drywall repair in less than 1/2 hour


Here is a time lapse video of me performing a simple drywall repair. Doing a repair in this method allows for the wall being ready for paint in less than half an hour. This method works great for small home repairs. The same method can be applied to larger home repairs but will require more time. So here is what I did and the products I used – first i cut a piece of new drywall slightly larger than the hole I’m repairing. Next I used this new piece to mark where I need to remove the old drywall. Once I have cut out the old drywall I install a couple of wood blocks to be my backing for the new patch. I attach these pieces of wood with normal drywall screws, these are attached to the old on the top and bottom of the hole and are then ready for the new drywall to be attached. I then apply mesh tape to the joints and I’m ready to mud. I use Silverset 20 hot mud, this product will dry hard in approximately 20 minutes. If you mix with hot water it will set up quicker usually 5 minutes. I apply a couple coats of mud while making sure to feather out the edges for a smoother finish. After every coat of mud use a wet sponge to smooth and knock off any little ridges. The vital point on a drywall repair is between old and new surfaces, and using the sponge on the edge will help to blend the to surfaces. Once you have completed a couple coats of mud your ready to spray your texture. The fast dry texture is a great tool to use and if you run the can under hot water for a few seconds prior to spraying it will result in a finer textured spray. Regardless of the heaviness of the texture i always spray a fine layer first and work my way up to a heavier texture till the desired look is achieved.


Laminate Flooring Installation


Here is  time lapse video of a laminate floor installation we just did. This project involved removing the old carpet in the living and dining rooms as well as the old laminate and vinyl in the kitchen. A laminate floor is a great choice for most any room. It work great in your house except in bathrooms with showers or tubs. You can even install these types of floors in your basement or garage if you use a proper vapor barrier. The choices for laminate flooring are quite large, coming in most types of wood looks. Laminate flooring also holds up well to pets, especially dogs. One of the important things to look for when getting laminate flooring is to get a quality pad. The right pad goes along way in muffling the sound you would have if no pad or a cheap pad was installed. We use sound muffler pad in all the floors we install.

Project Complete – Kitchen and Living Room Remodel adds warmth and value to Des Moines home

Here are a couple photos from the completed remodel project we did in Des Moines. This project involved replacing the walls, ceiling, floors, countertops and base trim. We also redesigned the fire place area to make it the vocal point in the living space. The rock around the fireplace is a multi-colored slate with a stained hemlock wood trim wrap. The countertops are granite with a single slab cut and placed on the old table to match the rest of the kitchen countertops. All the walls and ceilings were removed and redone with new drywall and texture. The floors are a hickory laminate floating floor. There are also new light fixtures by the fireplace and in the kitchen. The changes on this house make it a warm, inviting and comfortable place to live. I know the new owner is very happy with these upgrades.

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A new project gets underway

Today I started my newest project. We are doing some remodel work on a home one of my longtime customers just purchased. Heres a quick rundown of what we are doing. Refinishing the drywall, new paint, new floors, new countertops, and a little stone work around the fire place stove. We started by pulling down the old ceiling, removing the countertops, and pulling up the floor. The plan is to get the sheet rockers in there on Wednesday and be ready to paint by the middle of next week. Here’s a couple photos.

2011 time for another great year

It’s a new year. I’m excited for this next year and all the opportunities I’ll have to take care of more customers. We started our first significant project of the year January 3rd. This project is a laundry room remodel/move. We took their laundry room which was really just a closet and moved it into an area that was a covered porch. Moving the laundry room has made the kitchen much more open as a start to a complete kitchen remodel. Here is a photo of the old laundry room and kitchen. The second photo is with the drywall removed and the water heater exposed.